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Easy Solutions To Help You Maintain Your Independence

The team at Mobility Centre can offer many solutions to common obstacles that may be stopping you or your loved one's from living life to the fullest.

The following are just a few ways we can help...

Do you have trouble balancing when you walk or would you like to walk further with confidence?

We can help! We offer an extensive variety of walking sticks with many different choices of tip to help you maintain your stability when you walk. We can help you choose the best type of stick to suit your needs. A walking frame, zimmer frame, rollator (or walker) is another option and will provide excellent stability so that you can walk further with confidence.

Have you lost your driver's licence?

We can help! A mobility scooter may be what you need to re-gain your freedom. Mobility scooters are battery driven saving you the hassle and expense of filling up on petrol. There are many models to choose from and we will help you choose a scooter with the right features to suit your needs and budget. Even if you've never driven a car before a mobility scooter could give you the ability to visit your friends or grandchildren or pick up your groceries without relying on taxis. Mobility Centre is your one-stop-shop for mobility scooters Wellington.

Do you have trouble getting in/out of your armchair?

We can help! Pride electric lift chairs offer support and comfort second to none and will help you to sit and stand with the touch of a button. These fabulous chairs are easy to use and come in a range of different styles and fabrics to suit your preference. Come and try them out in our showroom today.

Are you recovering from surgery?

We can help! We provide sales and rentals of post-operative rehabilitation equipment for many types of surgery including hip & knee replacements. Our innovative range of daily living aids can help you to carry on as normal in your home while you are recovering. We can come and assess your home & set up your living areas so that you can recover as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Would you like to take your elderly relative or friend out with you?

We can help! We have a range of inexpensive wheelchairs which fold up to fit in most vehicles so that you can take your loved one out to functions or just to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. We can deliver your wheelchair anywhere within the Wellington region when needed. Alternatively if your loved one would like to walk some of the time we can supply walkers which transform into wheelchairs conveniently saving you having to transport two pieces of equipment.

Do you have trouble getting on and off the toilet or in and out of the bath?

We can help! We offer a range of bathroom and toilet products to assist you in your home and to help you avoid falls and slips not just in your bathroom but in every room of your house. We will provide advice on how to stay safe and comfortable in your home.

Do you or a relative suffer from asthma or other respiratory illness??

We can help! We supply only the highest quality respiratory equipment and accessories including oxygen concentrators and homefill machines. We also stock the Italian made Pro Stratos Nebuliser which will allow you to inhale your medication more faster and more efficiently.

Just tell us what you need & we will help!