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At Mobility Centre we supply a complete range of mobility products and daily living aids.  We aim to help our customers live their lives to the full and will happily advise you on what product/s will best meet your needs. If you have any questions at all before purchasing online please call 0800 243 866 or 04 577 1188 and speak to one of our trained mobility specialists.  We supply New Zealand wide.

  • Advance 3 in 1 Personal Wipes
    Advance® 3-in-1 Personal Hygiene Wipes have a gentle no-rinse formula that provides an alternative to soap and water cleanses. An effective solution for everyday personal hygiene requirements. Id...
    NZ$ 7.00
    NZ$ 6.09 excl GST
  • Advance Cleansing Wet Wipes Pack
    The unique PH balanced and paraben free formula is dermatologically approved to keep skin clean and healthy. These wipes are suitable for frequent everyday use on the whole body. The wipe size is 20cm...
    NZ$ 10.01
    NZ$ 8.70 excl GST
  • Advance Premium Super Soft Dry Wipes
    An excellent choice for use as a disposable flannel/cloth, when applying skin care treatments, creams and cleansers as well as general surface cleaning. Pack of 50.
    NZ$ 10.01
    NZ$ 8.70 excl GST
  • TENA Soft Wipes
    A soft and strong cellulose wipe designed for gentle skin cleansing.
    NZ$ 16.00
    NZ$ 13.91 excl GST
  • Advance 3 in 1 Cleansing Milk | 1 Litre
    Advance 3-in-1 Cleansing Milk is fast and easy to use, simply apply onto the skin and wipe it off. For best results and prevention of cross contamination it is best used in conjunction with Advance Wa...
    NZ$ 40.00
    NZ$ 34.78 excl GST
  • Acne Clear Cream
    MEBO acne clear is especially formulated to cleanse the skin, promote the skin’s natural immune response for pimples, acne and rosacea, helping the affected skin to recover.
    NZ$ 25.00
    NZ$ 21.74 excl GST
  • Anti Itch Cream
    MEBO anti-itch is especially formulated to soothe irritated skin from insect bites, chicken pox, eczema, dermatitis, cracked and chafed skin, providing a regenerative environment to help the affected ...
    NZ$ 30.00
    NZ$ 26.09 excl GST
  • Burn Repair Cream
    MEBO burn repair is especially formulated to aid the natural healing of burn wounds including, sunburn, chemical, electrical, radiotherapy, scalds, nappy rash, sweat rash, chafing, friction, chemical ...
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 30.43 excl GST
  • Wound Repair Cream
    MEBO Wound Repair aids the natural healing of skin, including bedsores, ulcers, haemorrhoids, shingles, cracked/chafed/grazed skin, chilblains and cracked nipples. It also helps repair cuts and wounds...
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 30.43 excl GST
  • Skin Restore Cream
    MEBO Skin Restore aids in returning elasticity, fading scars and blemishes. Can be used for all types of scarring and skin damaged by sun and chemicals, bruising and liver spots.
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 30.43 excl GST
  • Essenchi Cayenne Cream 50g
    Used by physiotherapists and chiropractors. Contains a synergistic blend of cayenne extract and essential oils, which act on inflammation and scavenge free radicals. Provides a warm and soothing effec...
    NZ$ 16.00
    NZ$ 13.91 excl GST
  • Essenchi Liquorice Cream 50g
    A soothing pH balanced cream to treat eczema, cold sores and inflammation of the skin. A lovely natural proven remedy containing no harmful ingredients.
    NZ$ 16.00
    NZ$ 13.91 excl GST
  • Advance Wash Gloves
    Made from a hygienic cloth like material, Advance Wash Gloves combine the gentleness of a cloth with the convenience of a glove for the safe and gentle care of delicate skin. Designed to be used all o...
    NZ$ 11.99
    NZ$ 10.43 excl GST