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Low Impact Chair Exerciser

Low Impact Chair Exerciser
This low impact resistance band exerciser strengthens arms, shoulders, and chest muscles right in the comfort and safety of a chair. Very easy to use and store. Now any chair can become your own personal gym with this Low Impact Chair Exerciser!
NZ$ 120.00
NZ$ 105.00 including GST
NZ$ 91.30 excluding GST
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  • This innovative resistance band exerciser features low impact exercise bands attached to a portable seat pad
  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, and chest muscles right in the comfort and safety of a chair
  • Fully assembled for easy use
  • Lightweight and easy to store at home or office
  • Includes seat, 2 resistant bands with cushioned handles, strap to fasten, and instructions
  • Turns any chair into an exercise machine!
  • Helps strengthen and tone muscles
  • Adjustable cords for multiple exercise programmes
  • Perfect for home or office - exercise at your desk!
  • Ideal for seniors and people with chronic conditions

Today's busy modern lifestyles can make it impossible to fit in the exercise that your body needs to stay healthy. 

Doctors recommend that 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, 5 days a week will keep you in optimum health. That 
doesn't sound like much, but add on the time it takes to get to the gym and back, not to mention the huge expense of a 
gym membership, and it can be a real struggle! Worry no more, as North American Health & Wellness have invented a great 
way to reach your 30 minutes a day, all from the comfort of your favourite chair!

The Low Impact Chair Exerciser is an all-in-one, chair based exercise system. Consisting of a comfortably moulded seat 
and two high quality resistance bands, this chair exerciser provides multiple ways to get fit fast. It can be used with 
any chair or seat, making it perfect for home, office or anywhere the mood takes you! With this chair exerciser, you can 
join the trend for new exercise technology like standing and treadmill desks and exercise at your desk, making the most 
of your lunch break. Or use it at home in front of the television while you watch your favourite shows - the Low Impact 
Chair Exerciser gives you the freedom to exercise at times and places that are convenient for you!

Simply adjust the cords to perform 8 different exercises!

Included in the instructions is a guide on the wide array of chair exercises you can do with your new equipment. It 
offers a new spin on classic gym exercises like bicep curls, lateral raises and shoulder presses, all written by a 
professional trainer. To do 8 different exercises in a gym you'd have to use several machines, but the Low Impact Chair 
Exerciser gives you access to all of them in one convenient package. Changing exercise is simple, all you need to do is 
quickly switch the position of the resistance bands and you're away!

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