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HandyCup Slanted Top Mug

HandyCup Slanted Top Mug
This clear plastic Handy Cup has a capacity of 237ml or 8 fluid ounces and has large handles on both sides that make it exceptionally easy to grip and control. It also has an extra large, circular base that makes it very stable and easy to set down without posing a risk of spills.
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NZ$ 26.09 excluding GST
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Featuring an asymmetric rim; it is slanted in such a way as to enable the user to drink and empty the cup without having to tilt back his or her head. Normally, the bridge of the nose gets in the way when draining a cup and it is necessary to bend at the neck to finish the drink, which may be painful or difficult for some people, but this cup renders such movement unnecessary.

As standard the Handy Cup comes supplied with a drinking lid which helps to reduce the risk of spills. 

The Handycup was developed for children and adults with coordination difficulties or those with poor grip.

  • One Handy Cup
  • Capacity: 237ml (8 fl oz)
  • Two handles for easy control
  • Wide base for stability
  • Slanted top enables drinking without neck movement
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Lid supplied as standard
  • Rounded handles for comfort
  • Made in Denmark

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