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ETAC Food Preparation Board

ETAC Food Preparation Board
The multi-functional Fix Preparation Board for One-handed use can make any kitchen task simpler and safer. The vice aides in gripping food to be peeled or sliced, or even a large mixing bowl can be held in place securely. Large rubber suction feet keep the board firmly atop your counter.
NZ$ 275.00 including GST
NZ$ 239.13 excluding GST
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The Etac Fix Preparation Board is designed to help keep items in place, while the board remains secure and stable on work surface, facilitating single handed food preparation.

Board stands on either four friction feet or suction feet.

Jaws can hold a bowl, grater or piece of food.

Includes detachable spiked plate for smaller pieces of food which can be removed and placed with the spikes pointing downwards to obtain a flat surface.

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