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ComfyBack Air Inflatable Lumbar Cushion

ComfyBack Air Inflatable Lumbar Cushion
The Air Portable rolls up so small, you can take it anywhere that might find you sitting uncomfortably. Places like the football, or at meetings and conferences...In fact, anywhere that might trigger upper or lower back pain, or the symptoms of sciatica.
NZ$ 20.00 including GST
NZ$ 17.39 excluding GST
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The ComfyBack Air Portable is a delightful inflatable lumbar support for travelling free from upper and lower back pain, and the symptoms of sciatica.

Our ComfyBack Air Portable is great for airport lounges, long plane flights, and even in other people cars when you don't have your ComfyBack Portable or Lumbar Wing with you.

Can be inflated to the level to suit your individual need for the most comfortable seat.

Instant air inflatable neck, thoracic or lumbar support. The perfect travel accessory, utilised by athletes, business professionals, children, the elderly or anyone requiring neck, thoracic or lumbar support.

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