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ComfyBack Portable Deluxe Lumbar Support Cushion

ComfyBack Portable Deluxe Lumbar Support Cushion
Utilise at home, at the office, in the car or when travelling. Light and portable, Comfyback Deluxe provides Thoracic and Lumbar support, easing back pain through correct postural support. Injury rehabilitation, Athlete strenghtening, Spinal surgery pre & post op, Ongoing postural correctness, Child growth alignment, Elderly posture support.
NZ$ 205.00 including GST
NZ$ 178.26 excluding GST
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The ComfyBack Portable is the only full back support with adjustable Lumbar and Thoracic inserts to help you recover good sitting posture, free from upper and lower back pain and the symptoms of sciatica. The Internationally acclaimed Comfy Back Deluxe Portable Cushion is a multi award winning back support product for anyone with back problems.

The Comfyback Deluxe fits to any chair and can be utilised with or without straps.

Comfyback Deluxe can be utilised virtually anywhere such as the car seat... the couch watching bed... the office chair... at the beach... or when travelling, for example on the aeroplane, train or bus.

Both Comfyback Deluxe and Comfyback Lumbar Wing are perfect for use on the floor. Simply position and lay upon with your feet comfortably positioned on a couch or chair.

Easy as!.. you can also enjoy Comfyback Deluxe or Comfyback Lumbar Wing in bed or on the couch. Feel free to fall asleep with your Comfyback.

The unique ComfyBack Portable:
  • Helps you progress from upper and lower back pain when sitting, to pain free posture
  • Helps overcome the symptoms of sciatica
  • Is a trusted recovery tool helping spinal patients recover their correct posture
  • Has a Breathable cover fabric so you feel as comfortable as possible

The world's no 1 back support, utilised by athletes, office workers, children, the elderly and anyone with back problems.

Includes adjustable support levels for different shaped owners:

Original support level density

  • Utilise no 1 original support density
  • if you have a flatter back shape, or a small frame size. Also utilised when encouraging  a normal back shape or when suffering severe back pain.

Mid level support density

  • Comfyback arrives with no 2 mid level support fitted as standard. You are encouraged to try no 2 first, if you feel the need for additional density support progress to no 3.

Firmest level support density

  • Try no 3 density support for larger body frame sizes. Also for athletes and strong backs requiring ongoing postural correctness and maximum support.

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