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Oppo Ankle Wrap Support

Oppo Ankle Wrap Support
Made of unique extra-strength elastic and transverse nylon fibres for long-lasting, heavy-duty support. Apply the support and compression exactly where you need it.
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NZ$ 30.43 excluding GST
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  • Provides comfortable and uniform compression.
  • Made of unique extra-strength elastic and transverse nylon fibers for long-lasting, heavy-duty support.
  • Wrap may be pre-positioned for controlled compression.

  • Insert foot into the starter loop and position the loop around the arch of foot.
  • Angle upward to wrap on complete turn around the lower ankle.
  • Continue wrapping in ""figure eight"" pattern.
  • Finish and fasten the hook closure.

  • Ankle sprain
  • Ankle fatigue


Universal, one size fits most.
One Size
Width: 3" (7.6cm)
FIBER CONTENTS 73% Nylon, 13% Rayon, 8% Polyester, 6% Rubber

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