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Mobility Scooter | Invacare Pegasus Pro

Mobility Scooter | Invacare Pegasus Pro
The Pegasus mobility scooter provides the ultimate in stability, reliability & durability. The Pegaus Pro adds performance and range.
NZ$ 5,195.00 including GST
NZ$ 4,517.39 excluding GST
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The Invacare Pegasus Pro Scooter has been designed for those wanting to get out and enjoy life in the outdoors for an extended period such as taking the grandkids to the park or going to the shopping centre for the day. The Pegasus Pro allows you to regain that sense of being free to do the things you want to do when it suits you. It has added safety and comfort features that will ensure you have not only the most comfortable ride experience but also a safe and secure feeling of being able to manoeuvre your Scooter with ease. It has a max speed of 15km/h and extended battery life range of 52km. 


The Invacare Pegasus Pro Scooter is the perfect Mobility Scooter for those who like to get out and enjoy longer trips. Take it to the park to spend time with the grandchildren or take it to the large shopping centre for the day. With its enhanced battery performance and larger 12-inch wheels, the Pegasus Pro is ideal for getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

The Invacare Pegasus Pro Scooter is the latest technology and design. This is the upgraded model from the standard Metro and brings enhanced features to ensure you have the most comfortable ride experience together with ergonomically design improvements. There is an extra performance with the Pegasus Pro coming from the motor and powerful battery system. Your comfort levels have been catered for with the Tiller Adjustment to suit your needs together with the improved steering system to make for easier response control. It has a hand brake to ensure immediate braking a clear bright brake light at the rear warning people you are slowing down or stopping.

To enhance your experience the Pegasus Pro has a 2-step in-built disengaging lever that prevents the Scooter from accidently freewheeling. It also has an Automatic speed reduction system that reduces your speed around bends and corners for added safety. All in all the Pegasus Pro is an elegant powerful well-built and designed Mobility Scooter that will give you many years of freedom from being able to get out and stay mobile.

It has an array of quality components that go into making this Scooter both reliable and easy to service. The electronics and vital parts have a protection guard to protect the Scooter against water and corrosion. The top cover is easily removed to check the motor, batteries, electronics and cables.

It has a maximum user weight of 160kg and comes standard with 2 x 12V/75 amp hour batteries.

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