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Mobility Scooter | CTM Mid Sized Travel Scooter

Mobility Scooter | CTM Mid Sized Travel Scooter
A travel scooter offering the best of both worlds, big enough to do the miles around town but small enough to fit into a car!
NZ$ 3,295.00 including GST
NZ$ 2,865.22 excluding GST
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The HS-328 is a Take Apart Mid-ranged four wheel scooter great for small, quick trips such as getting around the local shopping mall. 

When compared to the closest model currently in the market we have found the HS-328 has the following great benefits:

  • A longer and wider foot space
  • Larger batteries for increased range 
  • We also offer 2 independent battery cases. This makes it a lot easier to transport
  • Increased motor power
  • A light package which features LEDs for safety
  • Features a very comfortable seat
Maximum User Weight 136 kg
Motor size 250W
Batteries 12V 22AH (2)
Maximum Speed 8 kph
Range Up to 17.5 km
Overall Length 1120 mm
Overall Width 590 mm
Overall Height 935 mm
Ground Clearance 52 mm
Grade Climbable 8 degrees
Curb Climbing 40 mm
Turning Radius 1450 mm
Seat Type Swivel Lightweight Foldable
Seat Width 460 mm
Wheels 225 mm front and rear
Colours Available Ice Blue

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