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Banana Saver Bag

Banana Saver Bag
Say goodbye to quick over-ripening! Amazingly, your bananas will stay just as they should be for around a fortnight - twice its normal lifespan!
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We have all tried putting bananas in the refridgerator, only to find out they turn black over night.  Nobody wants to eat an unsightly, unappealling black banana!

Have we got news for you!  When you place your bananas in the Banana Bag and place it in the crisper drawer of your refridgerator, they will not turn black and the banana itself will remain firm and white.

When used in the fridge it provides bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh over-ripeing, while keep the skin warm enough to prevent blackening! 

Amazingly, the fruit will stay just as it should be for around a fortnight - twice its normal lifespan!

Easy to use - Do not wet the bag.  Just bring your bananas home from the market, separate them from one another and place the in the Banana Bag.  Close the draw string and pop them in the crisper draw.

You can keep bananas, even in the summer months, up to 8-10 days!  After about 5-6 days, some brown spotting may occur, but the banana will remain firm and white!

Size: 290mm x 370mm

Fabric: Polyester

Washable and easy to clean inside and out

2 year warranty

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