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Oppo Hip Tri Protectors

Oppo Hip Tri Protectors
An excellent safety preventative to hip fractures and fall related injuries. Sold individually.
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NZ$ 65.22 excluding GST
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The Oppo Hip Tri-Protector is an innovative undergarment to prevent hip fracture, designed with lateral removable pads for easy cleaning and a triple defense system against unexpected impact, with its shock absorbent outer shield and air bag.  

During a fall impact force is reduced and absorbed simultaneously thanks to the multi-protection system, avoiding a direct hit on the greater trochanter.

This anatomically fit and easy-dry undergarment is suitable for daily wear, designed for elderly or patients prone to falls  Choose from mens and womens hip protectors in a variety of sizes, see fitting guide below.

  • Provides multi-layer components for the protection and prevention of injury during a fall, fracture or deconditioning. The undergarment includes negative ion fiber which stimulates blood circulation and muscle function, preventing muscle fatigue and inflammation.

  • Air Bag – The light and soft air bag enhances comfort and provides stability.

  • Shock Absorber – In the event of a fall, the shock absorber can help to protect the hip joint and reduce the risk of fractures.

  • Outer Shield – The outer shell acts like a shield to help protect the hip from the impact of a hard surface when experiencing a fall.

The First Defense: Shock Absorber

  1. Directly absorbs the impact on the greater trochanter the weakest area, prone to hip fracture.
  2. Transfers the remaining impact to the outer shield.

The Second Defense: Outer Shield

  1. Acts as a shunter to spread out the impact from center to the rim of the shield.
  2. Dissipates shock to several regions and sperads it out to the outer rim, to gradually minimize the strength of impact.

The Third Defense: Air Bag

  1. Works as a cushion to buffer the impact transmitted from the outer shield. When force is applied on the outside of airbag, the inside air flows toward the center of the bag to form a cushion protecting the greater trochanter.
  2. Air bag reduces impact force by channeling and dispersing the shock.


Measure around the waist.

MALE 66.0-71.1cm(26-28")
FEMALE 55.9-63.5cm(22-25") No Longer Available
MALE 71.1-78.7cm(28-31")
FEMALE 63.5-71.1cm(25-28") No Longer Available
FIBER CONTENTS 35% Polyester, 18% Spandex, 18% Nylon, 14% EVA, 8%TPU, 7% PE (HD110)

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