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Silver Star Single Fold Ramp | 91cm (3’)

Silver Star Single Fold Ramp | 91cm (3’)
Lightweight and portable, Silver Star aluminium ramps are available in five lengths and offer a reliable solution for negotiating thresholds, kerbs, stairs and vehicle loading.
NZ$ 395.00 including GST
NZ$ 343.48 excluding GST
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A quality folding, single platform portable aluminium ramp with a raised edge.  The surface of the ramp is textured grooved aluminium plating and it features a suitcase style carry handle.  Great for keeping in the car, travelling and for permenant home or workplace use.  

This 91cm (3 foot) ramp is strong, lightweight, compact and portable, offering a great solution for negotiating thresholds, footpaths, kerbs, and other small obstacles.  

Ideal for users of powerchairs, mobility scooters and wheelchairs, these ramps provide a high traction surface for maximum grip.

Available in: 61cm (2’) • 91cm (3’) • 122cm (4’) • 152cm (5’) • 183cm (6’)

Specification2 feet Ramp3 feet Ramp4 feet Ramp5 feet Ramp6 feet Ramp
Maximum Height (of step) 7 in. (180mm)  10 in. (250 mm) 12 in. (300 mm) 13 in. (330 mm)  20 in. (510 mm)
Length 610 mm 910 mm 1220 mm 1520 mm 1830 mm
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 272 kg 272 kg 272 kg 272 kg 272 kg
Weight (kg) 5.4 kg 8 kg 10.7 kg 13.4 kg 16 kg
Width (375 mm when folded) 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm

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