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Economy Sock Aid

Economy Sock Aid
A handy stocking aid. Great for people with very weak grip and hand strength as the plastic is very easy to bend.
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NZ$ 21.74 excluding GST
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The economy sock aid is a simple inexpensive device to assist with putting on a sock or stocking.  It is ideal for people who, for whatever reason, are not able to reach their feet to put their socks on in the usual manner.

It consists of a strong, shaped, flexible plastic gutter with long cotton tapes attached to the top.  The stocking aid has rounded edges to help prevent snagging on hosiery.  The long ties enable it to be used from either a seated or a standing position.  

The stocking or sock is fed onto the plastic and held in place with the side notches.  The foot is put in the open end of the stocking, which is tehn pulled over the foot and up the leg using the tapes.  Cord length 920mm.  Gutter length 229mm

It is made from a flexible plastic and is lightweight and portable.  It is great for those with severe hand weakness who can't manage to put the sock on the the cloth sock aids.

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