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Knee, Leg & Ankle Spacer Cushion Pillow

Knee, Leg & Ankle Spacer Cushion Pillow
This multi function cushion is designed to provide support for the legs or hips and to promote good hip and postural alignment at night time. Can be used to elevate foot from bed and as a spacer between the knees or thighs.
NZ$ 65.00
NZ$ 60.00 including GST
NZ$ 52.17 excluding GST
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This memory foam Knee Cushion helps to alleviate pressure between the knees and ankles by providing gentle cushioning and by creating space between the legs. As a result, it helps to keep the lower body in proper alignment and therefore reduces strain on the lower back and limbs.

Made from quality memory foam, the Knee Cushion is ideal for people with hip problems as it helps over stretched muscles, ligaments and tendons reducing aches and pains during the night.

The foam moulds around the shape of the user's leg providing comfort and support alleviating any localised pressure or strain. 

Product Specification:

  • Ideal for those that suffer with painful hips
  • Soft foam offers comfort and support
  • Helps to align the spine to the natural S shape
  • Designed to alleviate stresses and strains
  • Reduces pressure on hips and lower back
  • Knee Support length: 250mm
  • Knee Support height: 150mm
  • Knee Support width: 200mm
  • Colour may vary
  • A knee pillow when placed between the legs keeps your legs, hips and spine parallel and aligned
  • This results in improved circulation and decreased pressure and strain on those areas

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