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Absorbent Non-Slip Floor Mat

Absorbent Non-Slip Floor Mat
This absorbent mat can be used In the bathroom, by the bedside, under commodes, near an armchair, or as a doormat...anywhere that anti-slip, moisture absorption and flooring protection are needed. Great for pets too!
NZ$ 60.00 including GST
NZ$ 52.17 excluding GST
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The Conni Absorbent Floor Mat is made of a heavy-duty, super absorbent top and non-slip nitrile rubber base measuring 60x90cms and can be trimmed to suit if needed.

The non-splash surface absorbs fluid, protecting carpets from stains and odours. It can be used next to the bed or chair for leaks and spills that may occur when arising if continence issues are present.  Also excellent under commodes and IV stands and perfect in wet areas such as toilets and bathrooms.

In bathrooms toilets and wet areas, the anti-slip properties of this Conni Absorbent Mat help eliminate potential falls risks. It is designed to sit firm and flat with a low profile edge making it easy for wheels, frames, walkers and people with reduced mobility to navigate over it safely.

The servicable colour hides moisture and stains. Convenient and durable, the mat is easy to wash by hand, hosed while hanging on the clothesline or in a top-loading washing machine.  It also dries quickly on the clothesline.

Please note that this product is not to be used over a Floor Alarm Pad.

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