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Absorbent Washable Bed Pad | Conni Mate

Absorbent Washable Bed Pad | Conni Mate
Can be used with all bed sizes and will absorb up to 2 litres. Conni bed pads guarantee that you will rest easy at night knowing you have absorbent, soft and comfortable protection. Choose from two colours.
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Conni Bed Pads, also known as 'bedwetting mats' and 'kylies' are designed to ‘trap' fluid, ensuring a comfortable, dry night's sleep.

The MATE bed pad measures 33.4" x 37.4" (85cm x 95cm) and is suitable for any sized bed, as there are no side flaps on this style. The bound edges are very durable, ensuring a long life.

How does it work?

  • The soft polyester top layer wicks moisture away from the surface.
  • The highly absorbent core keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • The waterproof backing protects your bedding and mattress.

How do I use it?
Conni Bed Pads are placed on top of the bottom sheet, not underneath like a mattress protector. We recommend you lie directly on the bed pad and for best results wear only underpants or light clothing from the waist down.

A pyjama top, t-shirt or short nightgown is perfect to wear on the top half but if heavy clothing is worn below the waist these will get wet and may cause discomfort and soil other bedding.

The Conni Mate is a washable bed pad, it is easily removed and placed in the washing machine. The bedwetting mat can be line dried or tumble dried then returned to the bed. Alternately use a second bed pad while one is laundered.

Capacity: 2000mls

Available in teal blue.

The bed pad can be used with our waterproof bedding protectors: waterproof mattress protector, quilt protector and pillow protector.

Conni absorbent products are Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin. Registration code SHHO 063619.

Useful Tips:

  • Use as a protector to safeguard against leaks if a disposable product is being used, or on it's own to absorb up to 2.0 ltrs of fluid overnight.
  • Lying directly on the bed pad, your bedding and mattress will stay protected.
  • Simply wash the pad and get on with your day - no more complete bed changes.
  • Use in conjunction with a waterproof mattress protector for additional protection.

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