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ROHO Sofflex Mattress Overlay System

ROHO Sofflex Mattress Overlay System
Non-powered, multi-zoned, air-adjustable, providing a solution for individuals who require skin/soft tissue protection or have other therapeutic needs.
NZ$ 1,895.00 including GST
NZ$ 1,647.83 excluding GST
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Through a non-powered, multi-zoned, air-adjustable approach, the SOFFLEX 2 provides a solution for individuals who require skin/soft tissue protection or have other therapeutic needs.

Flexible, interconnected air cells can be adjusted to match the individual’s body contours, providing individualized therapy and critical skin protection.

The SOFFLEX 2 has three sections for an individualized fit. Each of the three sections easily snap together to form a complete mattress overlay and can be adjusted per body segment to address the specific needs of the individual’s body shape and size.

The SOFFLEX 2 is effective for individuals who:

- are at risk of developing pressure ulcers and/or tissue injury
- are at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown
- have any stage pressure ulcer, skin grafts or recent myocutaneous flap surgery
- need comfort
- need pain management
- need a mattress overlay that provides an individualized fit

SOFFLEX 2 system (3 sections), ROHO Hand Inflation Pump, operating instructions and repair kit.

Flame-retardant Polyurethane

MATTRESS SYSTEM (3 sections):
36" x 81.75” x 3.5” (91.5 cm x 207.5 cm x 9 cm)
SECTION: 36” x 27.5” x 3.5” (91.5 cm x 70 cm x 9 cm)

Cover Options:
ROHO® Reusable Mattress Overlay System Cover or ROHO® Mattress Overlay Enclosure Cover available for use with SOFFLEX 2.

MATTRESS SYSTEM: 6.5 lbs (3 kg)
SECTION: 2.25 lbs (1 kg)

Weight Limit: 
330 lbs (150 kg) for complete system

18 Month Limited Warranty

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