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Combi Reacher 75cm

Combi Reacher 75cm
Lightweight and robust, this versatile new pick up stick reacher is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home.
NZ$ 40.00 including GST
NZ$ 34.78 excluding GST
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Ultra lightweight and robust, this versatile reacher is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home for those who have difficulty bending or reaching.  Features a single moving ribbed rubber jaw operated witha trigger action from the handle.

Containing no skin traps, the comfortable four finger trigger action is suitable for those with a limited grip, whilst the 360 revolving head avoids the need to rotate the wrist, which may be painful for some users.

There is a magnet on the end for picking up small metal items such as pins, paperclips, staples and nails etc.

It also features a hook to aid dressing and a clip for attaching to walking stick, walker, wheelchair of similiar.

The trigger, operated by four fingers instead of the usual two is easy to grip and operate.  Wire driven jaw construction eliminates the string that can stretch and break.

Colour may vary.

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