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Cane, Walking Stick & Crutch Holder

Cane, Walking Stick & Crutch Holder
This simple, easy-to-use device attaches securely to your walking aid and will fit diameters of 16mm to 25mm (1/2" to 1").
NZ$ 10.01 including GST
NZ$ 8.70 excluding GST
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This simple, easy-to-use device attaches  to a standard-type cane so that it can be suspended from any table, desk or flat horizontal surface.

The Cane or Walking Stick / Crutch Holder is a very handy innovative device that holds and balances your walking aid - be that a cane or walking stick or crutch - on the edge of a surface or table and incorporates a rubber pad that helps to stop the holder from slipping off.

The holder grips onto the walking stick and allows the stick to rest on the edge of a table or bench without falling over.  It can be used above or below the tabletop.

Available in brown or black (pot luck unless you call us when ordering to check colour availability).

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