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Unifoot Walking Aid

Unifoot Walking Aid
Flex-jointed Unifoot for instant added stability. A multi-terrain sure grip foot to suit canes, walking sticks and crutches. Allows canes to stand without holding. Sold singularly.
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NZ$ 42.61 excluding GST
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This ingenious designed base is perfect for the person who requires more stability than a walking stick alone can provide.  Ideal for those with balance problems or for use in wet weather or rough terrain.

Made in New Zealand, Unifoot™ was designed by David Dell who wanted something that would make his own walking stick stand unaided and more stable.

Since launching, this simple device has improved the safety and mobility of many walking stick users – including the late Queen Mother.

Medical professionals, particularly physiotherapists, and walking stick users have given Unifoot™ their recommendation.

Unifoot™’s unique patented design is based on a flexible rubber ankle that attaches a small, lightweight platform to most walking sticks and crutches.

Four-point contact is maintained with the ground throughout the full range of movement to reduce impact and increase stability on any surface – including slopes.

Unifoot™ also allows conventional walking sticks and crutches to stand unaided on flat ground or to be recovered from the ground without bending.  Great for storing beside the bed at night or when not in use and avoids having to bend over to pick up a fallen stick.

Tested to ISO safety standard BS EN ISO 11334-4:1999, Unifoot™ comes with a full one-year warranty.

Unifoot™ attaches to the bottom of the stick – allowing it to stand unaided and providing increased stability on all surfaces.

Available to fit 19mm and 22mm diameter walking sticks, canes and crutches, please select size when ordering.

Unifoot Base Dimensions: 12cm L x 9cm W x 4cm H

To retrieve a Unifoot without bending:

Step 1

To retrieve the UNIFOOT from the ground place your foot onto the base plate of the UNIFOOT.

Step 2

Push gently in a downward motion with your foot.

Step 3

While pushing down gently you will see the UNIFOOT and stick coming up toward you.

Step 4

Place your hand onto the handle and remove your foot from the base plate.

You have now seen how easy it is to retrieve your UNIFOOT without having to bend down to pick it up.

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