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Mobility Scooter | Invacare Pegasus Metro

Mobility Scooter | Invacare Pegasus Metro
The Invacare Pegasus mobility scooter provides the ultimate in stability, reliability & durability.
NZ$ 4,795.01 including GST
NZ$ 4,169.57 excluding GST
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The Invacare Pegasus Metro Scooter is designed to provide you with long range hassle-free mobility. It is feature rich to ensure you enjoy comfort whilst driving while also providing you with intelligent technology for safety and performance. The motor and battery system allow you to cruise at a comfortable 12km/h and extend the Scooters range out to 54km. This Scooter is perfectly suited to taking to the park with your grandkids or to the large shopping centres for a day out in comfort. The manoeuvrability will impress allowing you to use it both indoors and out. A quality Mobility Scooter with everything you would ever need at your fingertips. 


The Invacare Pegasus Metro has been designed to provide you with comfort and ease of use with its many features creating a smooth and safe driving experience. As with all Invacare Scooters, all of the unique features have been rigorously tested to the highest safety standards.

Your new Pegasus Metro Scooter will provide you years of uninterrupted hassle free service. There are some unique facets to the Invacare Pegasus Metro including the 2-step disengaging lever that prevents the Scooter from free-wheeling if it is knocked out of drive mode accidently. It also features an easily adjustable tiller movement to suit your setting position. The steering system has been ergonomically designed to make for easier and more responsive control.

The hand brake ensures immediate braking is required and is within easy reach, the brake light is both clear and bright showing people that you are either slowing down or coming to a complete stop. And to ensure you have a safe and secure ride at all times Invacare have a uniquely designed automatic speed reduction system that reduces your speed around bends and corners to ensure you are never going too fast.

This Scooter is both attractive in is style and powerful motor and battery capacity allowing you to extend your trip to a maximum range of 54km and a max speed of 12km/h. It comes fully assembled so all you need to do is turn the key and you’re away for many years of hassle free comfortable mobility.

If you would like us to call you about this or any of our range of scooters and powerchairs to discuss features & suitability, accessories, funding options or to arrange a trial, please ask, we are happy to help.

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