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Kitchen Preparation & Cooking Tools

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At Mobility Centre we supply a complete range of mobility products and daily living aids.  We aim to help our customers live their lives to the full and will happily advise you on what product/s will best meet your needs. If you have any questions at all before purchasing online please call 0800 243 866 or 04 577 1188 and speak to one of our trained mobility specialists.  We supply New Zealand wide.

  • Kettle / Jug Tipper Cordless
    Coated wire cradle that holds most styles of cordless jugs & kettles.
    NZ$ 100.00
    NZ$ 86.96 excl GST
  • UCCELLO Kettle
    Uccello Kettle is a leader in assistive living technology. The safe, ergonomic kettle provides independence to people with restricted mobility and strength.
    NZ$ 98.00
    NZ$ 85.22 excl GST
  • Kitchen Workstation
    Multi-function food preparation unit designed to provide assistance with many day-to-day kitchen tasks.
    NZ$ 280.00
    NZ$ 243.48 excl GST
  • Combo Cutting Board
    A food grade cutting board with a chef knife attached.
    NZ$ 195.01
    NZ$ 169.57 excl GST
  • ETAC Food Preparation Board
    The multi-functional Fix Preparation Board for One-handed use can make any kitchen task simpler and safer. The vice aides in gripping food to be peeled or sliced, or even a large mixing bowl can be he...
    NZ$ 275.00
    NZ$ 239.13 excl GST
  • Plastic Spread Board With Removable Spikes
    Durable one-piece moulded board suitable for one-handed use. The removable spikes can be used to hold objects such as bread or vegetables firmly in place whilst they are being sliced or chopped.
    NZ$ 55.00
    NZ$ 47.83 excl GST
  • Buttering Board
    Heavy duty spreading and buttering board for one-handed use.
    NZ$ 40.00
    NZ$ 34.78 excl GST
  • Wooden Bread Board With Spikes
    Quality hardwood construction. Great for one handed use, suitable for bread, vegetables, fruit etc.
    NZ$ 95.00
    NZ$ 82.61 excl GST
  • Suction Vege Scrubbing Brush
    A versatile brush with suction cups to hold it in place while being used. Colour may vary.
    NZ$ 50.00
    NZ$ 43.48 excl GST
  • Suction Cleaning Brush
    Perfect for cleaning glasses and cups, this handy in-sink washing up brush has a suction cup to let you stick it securely to the sink so you can simply place glasses over and twist to wash. Great for ...
    NZ$ 30.00
    NZ$ 26.09 excl GST
  • Easy Blade Cleaning Brush
    Clean your knives safely with this innovative washing-up brush. The wrap-around design lets you clean both sides of your cutlery at once while keeping your fingers away from sharp edges. Great for tho...
    NZ$ 25.00
    NZ$ 20.00
    NZ$ 17.39 excl GST
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Basket
    Safely drain vegetables! A super product for one-handed cooking or for those with hand weakness.
    NZ$ 95.00
    NZ$ 82.61 excl GST
  • Folding Pot Stabiliser
    Holds onto the pot or pan handle while you stir the contents. Great for one-handed cooking.
    NZ$ 88.00
    NZ$ 76.52 excl GST
  • Non Slip Coaster Mat Round | 14cm
    This anti-slip coaster style mat can help make everyday tasks in the home much easier.
    NZ$ 16.00
    NZ$ 13.91 excl GST
  • Non Slip Material Reel | 20cm x 2m
    A fantastic versatile product. Useful in many ways where a anti-slip surface is needed. Can be cut to size. See our photos for ideas on uses.
    NZ$ 65.00
    NZ$ 56.52 excl GST
  • Plate Surround
    Prevents food from sliding off the plate. Good for one handed eating.
    NZ$ 30.00
    NZ$ 26.09 excl GST
  • Banana Saver Bag
    Say goodbye to quick over-ripening! Amazingly, your bananas will stay just as they should be for around a fortnight - twice its normal lifespan!
    NZ$ 10.01
    NZ$ 8.70 excl GST
  • Waterproof Clothing Protector | Terry Cotton Adult Bib
    Absorbent and easy clean, this adult bib can be worn for extended periods of time without needing to be changed.
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 30.43 excl GST
  • Waterproof Clothing Protector | Large Adult Bib
    These large bibs are so easy to put on and take off and the large size enables greater coverage. They have the benefit of a waterproof backing so you can be confident that clothes will stay dry. They...
    NZ$ 16.00
    NZ$ 13.91 excl GST