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Recovery from Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery

At the Mobility Centre we supply a wide range of mobility and post-surgery recovery aids which may assist individuals recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery.

After joint replacement surgery your doctor or therapist may advise you on a range of requirements and/or restrictions regarding many daily activities including sitting, lifting, and body positioning.

At the Mobility Centre we offer a wide range of purpose-designed products that can help you recover from hip or knee replacement surgery.  Our most popular post-surgery mobility aids include crutches (elbow style and full length), walking sticks, wheelchairs, grab rails, shower stools and orthopaedic chairs.  We also offer a range of grooming and dressing assistance tools including sock aids, long reach shoe horns, and hand reachers.

To assist recovery from joint replacement surgery we also have a wide range of raised toilet seats, with or without arms and frames, ranging from a 50mm raise through to 150mm raise.

For our assistive devices stated above (plus much more) we offer the options of buying new or second hand, or the popular option of lease/rental.

We understand that recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery can often be a frustrating and painful time.  By using some simple, purpose designed mobility or post-surgery equipment, your recovery may seem that much easier.

Please contact us for more information about our extensive range of mobility aids and post-surgery equipment.

Please see below for the full range of our most commonly purchased products, requested by individuals recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery:

Toilet Seat Raiser (50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm) ▪ Toilet Seat Raiser with Frame ▪ Bedside Commode Chair ▪ Suction Grab Rails ▪ Shower Stool ▪ Bath Board ▪ Bath Transfer Bench ▪ Swivel Cushion ▪ Orthopaedic Chair ▪ Utility Trolley ▪ Easy Reach ▪ Long Handled Shoe Horn ▪ Sock Aid ▪ Walking Frames ▪ Bed Lever ▪ Over Bed/Chair Table ▪ Chair/Bed Raisers ▪ Wheelchairs.