Footwear Assistance, Shoe, Sock & Stocking Aids

At Mobility Centre we supply a complete range of mobility products and daily living aids.  We aim to help our customers live their lives to the full and will happily advise you on what product/s will best meet your needs. If you have any questions at all before purchasing online please call 0800 243 866 or 04 577 1188 and speak to one of our trained mobility specialists.  We supply New Zealand wide.

  • Standard Sock Aid
    A cloth sock aid that makes putting on socks easy! Enables you to reach your feet with little bending.
    NZ$26.09 excl GST
  • Plastic Sock Aid
    A handy tool for those who struggle with socks! The plastic sock aid is suitable for putting on socks and knee-socks. The aid is only suitable for people who can reach their own calf with their hands.
    NZ$34.78 excl GST
  • Economy Sock Aid
    A handy stocking aid. Great for people with very weak grip and hand strength as the plastic is very easy to bend.
    NZ$21.74 excl GST
  • Pantyhose Aid
    A one piece flexible aid for putting on panty hose, tights and stockings. The plastic blade is shaped to hold the tights so they can be pulled up within reach.
    NZ$26.09 excl GST
  • Compression Stocking Aid
    A highly effective and durable tool for simplifying the process of donning compression stockings.
    NZ$82.61 excl GST
  • Long Handled Compression Stocking Aid
    A highly effective and durable tool for simplifying the process of donning compression stockings. Adjustable length handles to minimise bending.
    NZ$160.87 excl GST
  • Doff N' Donner
    The revolutionary Doff N’ Donner is a unique device that allows you to easily ‘don’ (put on) and ‘doff’ (take off) compression socks and stockings. The Doff N' Donner is perfect for both self-donning and caregiver use.
    NZ$191.30 excl GST
  • Sock & Compression Stocking Remover
    A versatile aid for removing socks and stockings including compression stockings. Can also be used as a long shoe horn.
    NZ$60.87 excl GST
  • Stocking Gloves
    Helps in putting on and removing stockings. The non-slip surface allows for correct adjustment of stockings for proper fit. Helps protect stockings.
    NZ$8.70 excl GST
  • Long Plastic Shoe Horn 45cm
    Strong long reach plastic shoe horn with a handy hang up hole.
    NZ$13.04 excl GST
  • Extra Long Plastic Shoe Horn 79cm
    Strong long reach plastic shoe horn with a handy hang up hole.
    NZ$17.39 excl GST
  • Rigid Metal Shoe Horn 65cm
    A convenient dressing aid with curved handle for ease of use and storage.
    NZ$21.74 excl GST
  • Metal Shoe Horn With Spring Flex 60cm
    Long metal shoe horn with flexible spring to ease fitting of shoe.
    NZ$17.39 excl GST
  • Combined Dressing Stick & Shoe Horn 61cm
    A soft foam gripped long tool to assist in many areas of dressing and retrieving clothes.
    NZ$34.78 excl GST
  • Dressing Stick
    Lightweight birch dressing stick with non slip coated ends. A plastic "C" hook on one end which is great for zippers and a push-pull hook on the other allow for clothes and socks to be handled without snagging.
    NZ$17.39 excl GST
  • Pick Up Stick & Shoe Horn Combi
    This is a sturdy lightweight reaching aid and long shoe horn in one.
    NZ$54.78 excl GST
  • Elastic Shoelaces
    These ingeniously designed stretchy laces, allow the foot to slide in and out of a shoe with the aid of a shoehorn. Sold in packs of 2. Length 60cm.
    NZ$13.04 excl GST
  • Leg Lifter
    Designed for people who have difficulty raising their legs or with restricted lower limb mobility.
    NZ$52.17 excl GST
  • Long Reach Toenail Scissors
    The cutting head is angled at 45 degrees to give a more comfortable cutting position, and one blade is slightly serrated to prevent slipping.
    NZ$39.13 excl GST

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