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At Mobility Centre we supply a complete range of mobility products and daily living aids.  We aim to help our customers live their lives to the full and will happily advise you on what product/s will best meet your needs. If you have any questions at all before purchasing online please call 0800 243 866 or 04 577 1188 and speak to one of our trained mobility specialists.  We supply New Zealand wide.

At Mobility Centre we supply, service, rent and hire new and used crutches.  We offer an extensive range including forearm crutches, elbow crutches, and under arm support crutches.  We supply, service, rent and hire New Zealand wide.  Our most popular models are listed below.

  • Crutches | Economy Basic Adjustable Elbow Crutches
    These quality, comfortable, plain handle double adjustable forearm crutches are designed for average height users and are weight rated to 115kg. Sold as a pair.
    NZ$ 65.00
    NZ$ 56.52 excl GST
  • Crutches | Adult Adjustable Tri Grip Elbow Crutches
    High quality, heavy duty double adjustable forearm crutches with triangular grip, weight rated to 180kg. Sold as a pair.
    NZ$ 79.01
    NZ$ 68.70 excl GST
  • Crutches | Comfy Soft Ergo Handle Elbow Crutches
    High quality, ergonomically hand gripped double adjustable elbow crutches. The "ortho-grip" ensures that more of the users weight is spread through the palm, rather than just the wrist which makes the...
    NZ$ 85.00
    NZ$ 73.91 excl GST
  • Crutches | Ergo Grip Easy Clean Elbow Crutches
    With a heavier weight capacity of 127 kg, these ergonomically shaped forearm crutches suit most users. Computer-aided design techniques and thermograms were used to produce this patented comfy handle ...
    NZ$ 85.00
    NZ$ 73.91 excl GST
  • Crutches | Extra Tall Heavy Duty Ergo Elbow Crutches
    Extra strong but lightweight, these crutches are suitable for most heights including taller users and feature extra wide cuffs to accommodate larger forearms. They have a maximum user weight of 160 k...
    NZ$ 85.00
    NZ$ 73.91 excl GST
  • Crutches | Axilla Underarm Crutches
    Superior quality lightweight aluminium underarm crutches. Height adjustable and available in three sizes. Sold as a pair.
    NZ$ 110.00
    NZ$ 95.65 excl GST
  • Crutches | Heavy Duty Underarm Crutches
    Made for heavier users, these quality steel underarm axilla style crutches have a maximum user capacity of 249kg. Sold as a pair.
    NZ$ 215.00
    NZ$ 186.96 excl GST
  • Crutches | Adjustable Youth Elbow Crutches
    Suitable for older children and smaller stature adults. Quality, comfortable, double adjustable elbow crutches, weight rated to 115kg. Sold as a pair.
    NZ$ 79.01
    NZ$ 68.70 excl GST
  • Crutches | Childrens Height Adjustable Elbow Crutches
    Finished in a cheerful buttercup yellow. High quality full cuff adjustable elbow crutches for children. Available in two sizes: 4-7 years and 6-10 years. Sold as a pair.
    NZ$ 88.00
    NZ$ 76.52 excl GST
  • Crutches | Childrens Euro Style Elbow
    Bright appealing colours. Lightweight Euro open cuff style crutches. Sold as a pair.
    NZ$ 145.00
    NZ$ 126.09 excl GST
  • Forearm Gutter Crutches
    Designed for people with arthritis or with impaired grip, this crutch has a padded forearm trough to distribute the user’s weight over a large support area. Please note these crutches are for re...
  • Walkers | Knee Walker | Knee Scooter
    The knee walker (sometimes called the knee scooter) is an innovative mobility device for rehabilitation of foot and ankle injuries which aids the user in taking any unnecessary weight off the affected...
    NZ$ 745.00
    NZ$ 647.83 excl GST
  • Crutches | I-Walk Free Crutch
    A simple effective hands free crutch. Can be used by most people and makes life a lot easier when you're recovering from injury!
    NZ$ 285.00
    NZ$ 247.83 excl GST