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At Mobility Centre we supply a complete range of mobility products and daily living aids.  We aim to help our customers live their lives to the full and will happily advise you on what product/s will best meet your needs. If you have any questions at all before purchasing online please call 0800 243 866 or 04 577 1188 and speak to one of our trained mobility specialists.  We supply New Zealand wide.

  • Cane and Crutch Accessories
    We supply a wide variety of sizes of rubber crutch tips and ferrules to suit all types of walking sticks, canes and crutches. We also offer other kinds of 'feet' for your mobility equipment which offer greater balance and stability keeping you safer and more steady on your feet. There are wrist straps and stick holders which can also make life easier when using your canes and crutches.
  • Crutches
    Forearm crutches, elbow crutches and under arm support crutches as well as Euro open cuff crutches. We supply, service, rent and hire throughout New Zealand. Our crutches are selected for their high quality and functionality.
  • Walking Sticks and Canes
    We offer an extensive range of modern, elegant walking sticks and walking canes. Our range includes wooden, aluminium and stylishly patterned walking canes. We also sell a range of accessories for canes and crutches.
  • Mobility Centre Gift Voucher
    If you think a friend or family member could benefit from one of the many products at Mobility Centre, but you don’t know exactly what to get, consider a gift card. They’re available in amou...
    NZ$ 25.00
    NZ$ 21.74 excl GST