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Bone Fractures | Broken Bones | Mobility Aids

Recovering from Bone Fractures and Broken Bones

Recovering from broken bones (also known as bone fractures) can be a frustrating time.  It often involves the inconvenience of showering, with needing to keep your cast dry.  In addition, if you are suffering from a broken leg, you experience the challenges of getting out and about.

At the Mobility Centre we offer a wide range of daily living and mobility aids.

Cast Protectors

To assist your daily showering activity, we have a wide range of waterproof cast protectors (hand, arm, foot and leg cast protectors) which you simply use to cover your cast while in the shower.  These waterproof, reusable, protective covers enable you to simply and easily have your daily wash while ensuring your cast remains dry.

We also have cast protectors specially designed for swimming.

Mobility Aids

To help you get out and about we also offer an extensive range of mobility aids.  Our most popular mobility equipment includes crutches (elbow style and full length) and wheelchairs.  These are available to be purchased new, second hand, or lease/hire/rental.

Please contact us for more information about our extensive range of mobility aids, personal grooming and washing/showering and swimming aids.