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At Mobility Centre we supply a complete range of mobility products and daily living aids.  We aim to help our customers live their lives to the full and will happily advise you on what product/s will best meet your needs. If you have any questions at all before purchasing online please call 0800 243 866 or 04 577 1188 and speak to one of our trained mobility specialists.  We supply New Zealand wide.

All Terrain Walkers:  We supply, service, rent and hire new and used walkers, walking frames, rollators and zimmer frames.  We supply, service, rent and hire New Zealand wide.  We offer an extensive range of mobility walkers.  Our most popular models are listed below.

  • Nip-Glide Generation 2 Walker
    Let your life be full of surprises!! nip-glide™ is a lifestyle product for everyone who needs a balance support. nip-glide™ is designed to be a balance support walker as well as a proper...
    NZ$ 399.00
    NZ$ 349.00
    NZ$ 303.48 excl GST
  • Alinker
    The Alinker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. The Alinker is for everyone who wants to maintain an active life regardless of their movement abilities/disabilities. It is designed to be s...
    NZ$ 2,900.00
    NZ$ 2,521.74 excl GST
  • 2 in 1 Walker
    This lightweight collapsible aluminium walker can be used both indoors and outdoors. This walker features a transfer chair with a height adjustable footrest and padded backrest.
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 391.30 excl GST
  • Walkers | Aluminium Tri Walker
    A lightweight 3 wheeled easy folding walker with brakes and storage basket. Ideal for easy transportation in and out of vehicles. Maximum user weight 110kg.
    NZ$ 295.00
    NZ$ 256.52 excl GST
  • Freiheit Easy Fold Lightweight Euro Walker | Narrow & Standard
    The robust German engineered Freiheit Freedom Stroller supports a heavier user weight up to 150kgs while remaining lightweight and easily transportable. Choose from two sizes: Narrow in colour Dark B...
    NZ$ 375.00
    NZ$ 326.09 excl GST
  • Freiheit Easy Fold Lightweight Euro Walker | Heavy Duty
    This is the most robust walking frame with larger wheels designed to handle your on and off road adventures. The German engineered Freiheit Freedom Stroller supports a heavier user weight up to 150kgs...
    NZ$ 695.00
    NZ$ 604.35 excl GST
  • Walkers | Seat Walker 6
    This premium quality popular rollator features a strong, lightweight, aluminium frame and 6" wheels. Easy folding for transportation and comes in a variety of colours.
    NZ$ 295.00
    NZ$ 256.52 excl GST
  • Seat Walker 8
    This premium quality rollator walker features a strong, lightweight aluminium frame, 8" wheels to tackle all types of terrain and an adjustable seat and handle height which allows users of all heights...
    NZ$ 325.00
    NZ$ 282.61 excl GST
  • Walkers | Compact Low & Narrow Seat Walker 6
    This is a high quality smaller, lighter and stable rollator that is easy to manoeuvre. Suits petite people with a smaller stature.
    NZ$ 295.00
    NZ$ 256.52 excl GST
  • Walkers | Low Seat Walker 8
    This premium seat walker with 8" wheels has a standard sized frame and features a lower seat to suit shorter people who find the standard seat too high for comfort.
    NZ$ 295.00
    NZ$ 256.52 excl GST
  • Walkers | Bariatric Heavy Duty Rollator
    A quality bariatric walking frame designed to suit larger users up to 225kg.
    NZ$ 445.00
    NZ$ 386.96 excl GST
  • Walkers | Knee Walker | Knee Scooter
    The knee walker (sometimes called the knee scooter) is an innovative mobility device for rehabilitation of foot and ankle injuries which aids the user in taking any unnecessary weight off the affected...
    NZ$ 745.00
    NZ$ 647.83 excl GST
  • Cane Clip For Wheelchair & Walker
    This double clip device has many uses. One clip attaches to a wheelchair or walking frame, the other will grip canes, walking sticks, reachers, etc. For total security snap the safety ring over the en...
    NZ$ 45.00
    NZ$ 39.13 excl GST
  • Deluxe Cane or Crutch Holder For Wheelchair & Walker
    This holder attaches to a round tube, such as on a walker or wheelchair, the cane or crutch is pushed into the rubber holder which snaps around the cane, holding it firmly in place. For tubing 7/8 inc...
    NZ$ 95.00
    NZ$ 82.61 excl GST
    Add “Butler” into your nip-glide™ walker* and enjoy your meal or tea.
    NZ$ 39.00
    NZ$ 33.91 excl GST
    Cozy comfy cushion will keep you warm and comfortable on your nip-glide™ walker.
    NZ$ 29.00
    NZ$ 25.22 excl GST
    Add “Tuck” into your nip-glide™ walker* to store and carry your belongings safely.
    NZ$ 39.00
    NZ$ 33.91 excl GST
    Add “Luxury Tuck” into your nip* for easy shopping.
    NZ$ 49.00
    NZ$ 42.61 excl GST